Preparando café, cada dia.

O Clube Barista tem o objetivo de difundir as boas práticas do barismo e o entusiasmo em cada xícara.

O Blog é um espaço aberto para a discussão sobre café e barismo entre profissionais e apreciadores. Comentários, idéias e ações são muito bem-vindos! Quem quiser, agarre sua xícara e sirva-se à vontade.

Participe, compatilhe!

Helga Andrade, Barista.


My name is Helga Andrade. I'm a Barista.
Besides, I'm also a tourismologist (graduated by the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - UFMG), researcher and Barista teacher at Núcleo de Qualidade do Café - IFSULDEMINAS).

I'm an enthusiastic person. I believe in hard work, dedication, self-confidence, partnership, training and effort. But I believe also in pleasure, faith, imagination, inspiration, freedom and self-acceptance. And these are the worthes enphatizated by the Clube Barista project and all my other projects, no matter if in Local Tourism or Coffee Quality.

Here in Clube Barista's blog, we try to democratizate the access to all sort of information usefull to Baristas, coffee consumers and other interested in coffee quality and the pleasure offered by each really good cup. The idea is work localy, thinking globaly - from Minas Gerais to Brazil, from Brazil to the world.

Here will be published admireble actions and ideas, projects, new techniques and events. Will be published also some polemic subjects, to estimulate discussion and even the participation of followers from other countries, bringing us other point of view.

Here we have a special place for CORRESPONDENTS: followers who want to send articles, all sort of material and comments in Português, English, Español, Français or Italiano. If you want just to say "hello", send a picture or talk about your work in coffee range, don't hesitate sending an email to

That's it. Share!

Helga de Andrade
facebook: Helga Andrade
twitter: @HelgadeAndrade & @clubebaristamg 
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